Low Fat Cheese = Healthy Teeth?

OK, truth time. Very few people really know how to take good care of their teeth.  Right now you may be thinking to yourself ‘well, I sure do’ but the fact is you probably don’t. It’s not your fault, it’s just that nobody has ever shown you the proper way to care for your choppers.

It’s not that it’s difficult it’s that there is a certain method that we all need to use in order to make sure that our teeth are truly clean and well maintained. Certain tasks have to be performed regularly and performed well in order to do this. So without further ado please allow me to show you how to take good care of your teeth.

Let’s start with the basics; brushing. In order to maintain healthy teeth and gums you need to brush thoroughly at least twice a day. This will clean three side of your teeth only so you’ll need to floss too (we’ll get to that) but you should know that brushing at night is the most important because your teeth don’t have the protection of the salivary glands at night like they do during the day.  In between if you can’t brush wash your mouth out thoroughly with water after a meal.


Flossing is next. This gets the other 2 sides of the teeth that brushing can’t reach.  Any type of floss is OK as well as a ‘water pik’ but this needs to be done at least once daily in order to keep plaque from forming.

Using a tongue scraper doesn’t seem like it will help the teeth but it sure does.  The fact is, the tongue has plaque too and a tongue scraper (or your toothbrush) will remove this excess plaque and freshen your breath too.

Choosing the right foods is extremely important.  Snack foods, sticky foods and even juices all contain an enormous amount of sugar, one of the deadly enemies of your teeth.  If you can, instead of sugary snacks eat low-fat cheese or other low fat dairy as these are alkaline and good for the teeth.

Finally, of course, visit your Dentist regularly for check-ups.  He or she will tell you how great you’re doing which will make you feel good and they will also catch any problems before they become big problems.

In fact, why not make an appointment now if you haven’t been in a while! Don’t hesitate to visit our websiteemail, or call me at 623-572-7505. When you’re there, if you have teeth cleaning questions, ask your Dentist for advice. They’re the teeth experts of course!


J. Brent Sanders DDS

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