Dangers of Teeth Whitening

We all yearn to have a bright and beautiful smile – but for many, our teeth are not as white and attractive as we would hope them to be. Discolored teeth lead a lot of people to experiment with different tooth whitening options. With so many different choices out there, it is important to consider your options carefully and with a bit of education under your belt.

As we age, our teeth naturally start to become darker. Most often, this is do to the consumption of various foods and beverages such as coffee, tea and red wine. Smoking and plaque accumulation are also a common causes.

With most modern bleaching regiments, the active ingredient is either hydrogen peroxide or another chemical called carbamide peroxide. The whitening effect occurs when these chemicals start to break down. This causes oxygen to get into the enamel of your teeth and encourages it to whiten. There are a range of home whitening kits available, and your dentist also provide multiple options as well.


It is very important to use correct technique and the manufacture’s recommended dosages while teeth whitening because the procedure could potentially to harm your gum tissue. This typically occurs if too much of the whitening product is used at one time, or if the bleaching procedure is done too frequently.

People who have sensitive teeth can often find that the process of tooth whitening can leave them feeling even more sensitive than prior to the procedure. This is due to how the whitening chemical affects the enamel ofyour teeth.

Also, one of the main reasons people decide to whiten their teeth in the first place is due to the discoloration caused by various food and drink, as well as smoking. It is important to remember that even after your teeth have been whitened, they can still be affected by things like this, as well asother food and drink that is strongly colored.

From the above, it is easy to see where the risks of tooth whitening lie. However, it is fairly easy to deal with most of them, as long as your oral health is good and you follow the proper tooth whitening procedure.  Paying a visit to your dentist to make sure everything is okay is not essential, but it’s definitely a good idea before you take the plunge. Visit us at our webpage for more informative blog posts. Please feel free to email me or give me a call at 623-572-7505 and with any luck, you’ll have a bright white smile before you know it!


J. Brent Sanders DDS

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