Dentures, Dental Crown, Porcelain Veneers, Bridges and Their Differences

A lot of dental solutions exist, particularly in regard to teeth ‘replacements’ such as dentures, dental crown, porcelain veneers, and bridges. In case you are worried about your finances, you should not be too concerned about getting a solution that you can afford.


When making a decision on the most ideal teeth replacement options, it is possible that your decision is going to be based on what you like in regard to handiness, comfort and aesthetics.

Below are discussion of these particular dental solutions to offer you better comprehension of the variations between crowns, bridges, dentures and veneers.

Dental Bridge

We will begin with dental bridges. Normally, these are depicted as dentures which cannot be removed. They are installed structures that utilize an adjoining tooth (or teeth) for sustenance.

The structures are formed from metal or powerful porcelain. Their finishing is done using creative ceramic which resembles natural teeth. Normally, the solution for extracted molars is bridges.

In the meantime, dental crowns are normally utilized to sustain teeth with heavy filling; they are available in either gold or ceramic. Because of the remaining teeth’s compromised structure, crowns are included to ensure they are not going to crack easily, therefore inflicting more damage.

Teeth whose root canal is treated normally need crowns. For dental crowns, two options are available for you; gold is available, which is remarkably long-lasting (but it’s very conspicuous also) and ceramic as well, which is more attractive; however, it is not as durable as gold. If you are interested in acquiring dental crowns, it is most probable that your decision is going to be determined by what is more important to you; permanence or attractiveness.


Dentures are teeth replacement solutions which are the most conventional. They can be either full or partial and they effortlessly reinstate the first look of teeth. Dentures are known to a lot of individuals since it is possible that they were utilized by their parents and grandparents.

Dentures are dental solutions which are cost-friendly; but, they should be altered as time goes due to concern about fit. Mainly, individuals encounter issues with dentures as they move around and lead to gums becoming worn out.


Lastly, are dental veneers. They can assist to enhance the look of your teeth as well as your smile. These are wafers which are fragile that are added to teeth which are cracked, discolored or whose shape or size is unusual. The fixing of veneers is fast; however, the first teeth need to be available and their size needs to be altered to be able to hold the wafers.

It is believed that veneers are the answer to the smiles from Hollywood which are flawless. They can be expensive.

The good news is that they are somehow long lasting and are worth spending money on, particularly if your wish is to attain white teeth that are flawless!

Please feel free to email me or give me a call at 623-572-7505 and with any luck, you’ll have a bright white smile before you know it!

J. Brent Sanders DDS

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