Periodontal Disease and the Elderly

There is a belief that as we grow older, our teeth deteriorate. But, this is not true at all. Losing teeth and periodontal disease is not necessarily a part of getting old. Actually, any person can experience problems with teeth.

periodontal disease

Bacterial infection is a common facilitator of failure of bone support, connection or attachment near a tooth’s region. The reality is that as individuals age, they are more exposed to contagious microorganisms; therefore, their chances of becoming contaminated with illnesses and finally acquiring periodontal disease are raised.

50% of elderly individuals who are 55 years of age and above, experience periodontal disease. Apart from contact with infections connected to bacteria, the risk elements implicated in the elderly or mature people being more susceptible to experiencing periodontal illnesses are:


Some medications have an impact on the gums and cause periodontal infections. Medicine for the heart can particularly affect an individual’s gums, precisely by forming an overactive reaction to plaque which in turn leads to excessive growth of the gum.

In addition, immune-suppressants and other anti-illness medicine might finally lower the capability of our immunity to battle infection; this causes a raised danger of periodontal disease.

Lastly, antidepressants might also lead to dry mouth, therefore decreasing the ability of our mouth to defuse plaque via saliva. You should inform your providers for dental care of any present medicine you are utilizing; additionally, you should sustain an extremely committed everyday routine for plaque maintenance.

You should visit your dental hygienist or dentist often for expert examinations and cleanings.

Dry Mouth

‘Dry mouth’ or insufficient saliva can be triggered by utilizing specific medicine or experiencing a specific kind of sickness. If our mouths do not have sufficient saliva to neutralize plaque, this leads to increased cavities that cause periodontal disease.

In addition, dry mouth or xerostomia might lead to difficulty in swallowing food, chewing up and even talking and can lead to more problems in regard to wearing dentures. Utilizing artificial saliva or a mouth rinse can turn out to be extremely helpful in handling these issues. (Rinses and fluoride gels assist in lowering and avoiding cavities that can come from experiencing a dry mouth).

Sipping water often or eating candy can be useful as well, so long as sugar is absent. Do not forget to drink water as many times as you can particularly if you are experiencing dehydration or dryness inside your mouth.


It is very vital to preserve our teeth as we grow older, despite our age. Our teeth play a vital role in our usual daily practices such as chewing, eating and talking. Our appearance is also affected by our teeth and also our self-esteem.

You might not yet be old; however, having teeth that are missing or loose or being forced to wear dentures due to a specific state, or experiencing ineffective oral health may cause you to go through problems in eating, having limited diets, inadequate nutrition and experiencing one kind or two of systemic difficulties.

Nowadays, technological enhancements in modern dentistry and with the assistance of present methods for prevention and treatment, youthful as well as elderly people can now be assured of retaining a set of teeth which is healthy, despite their age!

Please feel free to email me or give me a call at 623-572-7505 and with any luck, you’ll have a bright white smile before you know it!

J. Brent Sanders DDS


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