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Our Services

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an option for bad periodontal health that lead to tooth decay or loss. In the empty space, a porcelain crown will be fitted on a titanium rod. This permanent procedure looks natural, and can be performed on single or multiple tooth spaces.

Dental implants can also be implemented as dentures. Titanium rods will be fitted into your jaw to hold dentures, either removable or permanent. This too, looks natural, and can bring confidence to your smile.

Below is an example of a service, showcasing its natural feel when the porcelain crown is in place.


Soft tissue (Gum) reconstruction/augmentation

Gum recession will inevitably lead to necessary gum surgery. This is a dangerous condition which compromises the bodyís natural defenses against bacteria, and can lead to tooth loss, sensitivity, and decay. The exposed roots of your teeth will also cause a not so appealing smile. Gum reconstruction can fix cosmetic and health problems, and make your mouth more comfortable. Itís important to care for your gums so that reconstruction is not needed. Though it can be caused by naturally thin tissues, aggressive brushing will also lead to gum recession. There are two basic ways to treat gum recession with grafts. Gingival grafts add a firm band of tissue at the base of the teeth to aid against further recession. Connective tissue grafts cover up defects while also augmenting the quality of the surrounding tissue. Of course, each patient is different, and so is each patientís treatment. Please schedule an evaluation to determine the best treatment for your needs.


Hard tissue (Bone) reconstruction/augmentation

Jaw bone can be reached by periodontal disease. This can occur alongside gum recession. Erosion usually occurs surrounding the teeth, and easily leads to tooth loss. The disease will progress over time, so if you suspect ill health, please schedule an evaluation.



As you can see, gum and bone deteriorate hand in hand. If bone loss is reached, bone regeneration will be necessary to prevent any tooth loss and illness.

One technique to fix this is bone regeneration, which utilizes membranes that are inserted over the bone defects. When the bone loss is greater, it will be impossible to input implants if teeth have been lost. In these cases, bone grafting will be necessary. Bone is taken either from a donor, or more often from the sinus wall if it is strong enough. The graft can be given time to mature and grow as well, allowing for implants to be put in place. Of course each case is different, so itís important to schedule an evaluation to determine what is best for you.

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